The automotive ecosystem is in the midst of significant change. In the next 10 years, we will expect more change than in the last 50 years.
The Differentiation attributes will be:


• New sophisticated consumers


Automotive consumers of 2020 will be highly informed, demanding, impatient and environmentally conscious


• New intelligent vehicles


The vehicles of the future will be “intelligent”. Electronics will bring new capabilities to every part of the vehicle


• New operations dynamics


Emerging as a winner in 2020 will require an innovation-led approach to multiple factors, including growth strategies, the workforce, redefinition of “core” business and proactive flexibility


Change in consumer vehicle buying criteria: Fuel efficiency, Eco-friendly, Safety, Personalization, traffic congestion, etc...


As consumers become even more selective and demanding in their quest for satisfaction they are


• Redefining mobility as we now know it


• Developing new alternative finance mechanisms with the potential to generate innovative business models

• Creating new methods to connect with and retain consumers


Automotive dealerships may have the most to gain or lose by how they communicate their value


4 Motion Vehicle Consulting S.L. believes that prosperity will be reserved for those that focus on customer intimacy and robust relationship management; therefore we can help you in:

• Improving Business Processes
• Human Capital Solutions
• Staff Selection and Training


For facing the new automobile sector challenges and improving your strengths